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This clinic includes all kinds of Endodontic Practice.

  • Endodontics is a specialty of dentistry specializing in pulp treatments.Endodontic Clinic offers the following treatment services and more:
  • Root canal treatment
  • Root canal Treatment to teeth with Periapical Lesion
  • Root canal Bleaching
  • Root canal retreatment


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Dent360 has a health tourism certificate given to major hospitals and clinics with international validity by the Ministry of Health. Do not miss the chance to get your teeth treated in turkey . Our team of 217 people is with you throughout the whole process to ensure that your treatment is smooth and comfortable.
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You are the guest of Dent360 in one of the best 5 star hotels in Turkey. Kaya Ramada hotel (Beylikdüzü) is only 5 minutes away from our clinic by car and is one of the best quality hotels in the Beylikdüzü region.
As a hotel location, it is 25-30 minutes away from Taksim and Ortaköy districts by car. There are many malls in the hotel area such as Torium mall, Marmarapark mall, Pelikan mall, Perla vista mall.


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Dent360 dental hospital is one of the largest private dental hospitals in Turkey. A total of 58 examination rooms and 47 physicians serve in our clinic. Numerous production processes such as prosthetic teeth are carried out in our hospital. We are one of the few hospitals where all of them are under the same roof. In this way, your treatment time in Turkey is shortened and completed in a more professional way. Of course, this advantage is reflected in the prices we offer you in a more affordable way.

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I think it’s the biggest teeth clinic in Beylikdüzü. 3-4 floor, all the floors are full. We took our child, They approached us in a very kind and caring way. I recommend this clinic for children.


Sabahattin Büyükbayrak


All the staff, especially Ms.Çağla and Ms.Nisa, are always good-humored, kind and very polite. When the topic is about teeth, people tend to be picky, but I am glad I made the right choice.


Mel Mel

Dental surgery

Dr.eren extracted my wisdom teeth. He was very meticulous and very attentive to his job. He helped me overcome my fears. I am really grateful with the result.
A clinic that gives importance about dental health.
I highly recommend it.


Atakan DEMİR

Zirconium crown

I have been undergoing dental treatment for about 1 year. I would like to thank all dent360 physicians and their staff, especially Ms.Tugce, the dentist, who was always with me with her interest and knowledge in this process, and the kind lady Çağla who helped me with my appointments and reception.


Mutluluk Akademisi

Teeth whitening

I did a teeth cleaning and also teeth whitening with dr.ismail eren Karataş. During the procedures, the dentist was very meticulous and very attentive to his job, as well as all the staff were smiling and competent. I was very pleased with the result. It is a clinic that gives importance to dental health first. I highly recommend it.


Kvsr dd

Porcelain crown

I went to have porcelain veneer teeth due to the crookedness of my teeth, but after doctor İlker examination, I changed my mind. After the doctor’s professionalism and patient explanation, I learned that the best treatment for my teeth is orthodontic treatment. I started orthodontic treatment with clear aligners. I am very glad, It went well, I am glad that I met doctor İlker.


Sadiman Koc

Dental surgery

I met dr.Eren through the very difficult tooth pain that I had. If even I, who is afraid to sit in the dentist’s chair, did not feel pain, you can safely do it without worrying. Thank you for your sincere approach, reassuring attitude, and huge patience.


Root canal treatment information

2-3 days for your first treatment, 7-10 days for your second treatment.

Prices of root canal treatment in Turkey

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What is a root canal treatment and to whom are they applied?

Root canal is performed by an endodontist to remove bacteria and dying or dead tissue from inside the tooth. The roots that have been opened to be disinfected are filled after the treatment. Root canal treatment should be applied also to teeth that are painful in hot, cold, and during eating because the decay has reached the pulp.

What is Root Canal Treatment? 

Root canal treatment; It is the process of removing and cleaning the infected pulp tissue as a result of the infection of the living tissue consisting of blood vessels and nerves called pulp inside the tooth due to trauma and caries in the teeth and filling the canal with tissue-friendly materials. In this way, the functional life of the tooth is extended. In addition, the person gets rid of other problems that may occur due to tooth loss.

With the root canal procedure, the living part of the tooth comes out. However, the tooth is there with all its structures. It just loses its vitality or sensibility. The root canal treated tooth performs the same functions as any other tooth. Aesthetically and functionally, the tooth is the same tooth.

It is very important for the teeth to preserve their presence in the mouth. Because the teeth support the teeth in front and behind. In missing teeth, the teeth move to close the gap. Therefore, the tooth remaining in place with root canal treatment also protects the system in the mouth.

If properly maintained, root canal procedure is not a treatment that shortens the life of the tooth. On the contrary, the life of the tooth is extended. If the person pays enough attention to oral care, the root canal treated tooth will be no different from other teeth. Our specialist doctor in Turkey will inform you in detail about your oral care after your root canal treatment.

Root Canal Treatment Steps (How is it Done in Turkey?) 

Before root canal treatment in Turkey, we examine the condition of the dental canals with a panoramic x-ray and make our diagnosis. We first start the treatment by anesthetizing the related tooth or area. After the anesthesia of the relevant area is provided, if there is caries in the tooth, we clean it and reach the area where the nerves are. We clean this area with special tools.

Difference between filling and root canal treatment emerges at this point. In the filling process, there is usually a caries on the upper surface of the tooth. The area of ​​the dental nerves is not infected. Hence, we do not perform any operation on the nerves in the dental filling process. However, in root canal treatment, the area where the vessels and nerves are is completely cleaned with a deeper cleaning process.

We aplly an effective cleaning and disinfection process, and then we fill the root canals with a tissue-friendly filling material. After the root canals are filled, we definitely check the tooth roots with a panoramic x-ray after the root canal treatment in Turkey. Then, as the last step of the root canal treatment, we make a crown or filling on the tooth as a permanent restoration.

How Do You Know If A Root Canal is Infected? 

  • If you have pain that starts spontaneously and is especially worse at night for which painkillers do not work.
  • Pain that starts with external stimuli such as hot-cold or contact of teeth and lasts for a long time.
  • If you have swellings on the teeth, gums or inside and outside the mouth.
  • Color changes in teeth.

Tooth extraction is required in cases where there is too much material loss in the teeth, there are abscesses in the root of the tooth that cannot be healed, and root canal treatment will not be beneficial.

Go to dental check-ups at regular intervals without ignoring the symptoms of infected tooth root.

How Many Sessions Does Root Canal Treatment Take in Turkey? 

The procedures may take 1 or several sessions depending on the condition of the tooth. Especially in cases where the tooth is not alive, there is an infection at the root tip, there is swelling inside and outside the mouth, we place a substance in the canal and wait for the bacteria in this area to disappear.

Thus, the process may take several sessions. Between sessions, we fill the teeth with temporary filling material. In this way, the relevant region can continue its function.

As we said, how many sessions of root canal treatment will be depends on the condition of the tooth. Therefore, if your tooth is alive and the decay has just reached the pulp of the tooth, then we can perform the root canal treatment in a single session in Turkey.

However, in cases where the tooth is inflamed and this inflammation passes to the root tip and causes symptoms in the bone, or when the face is swollen due to drainage, we can complete the root canal treatment in 2 or 3 sessions in Turkey.

How Long Does The Root Canal Procedure Take in Turkey?

Depending on the root number and type of the involved tooth, we can complete the root canal treatment in our clinic in İstanbul Turkey within an average of 1 hour.

How Much Does Root Canal Treatment Cost in Turkey? 

The cost of root canal treatment in Turkey varies depending on several different factors. Root canal treatment of a single-root and three-roots tooth will differ in prices. Therefore, the cost of root canal treatment in Turkey will increase.

Root canal treatment price range in Turkey varies between 100-150 Euros. Panoramic x-ray cost is also included in this root canal treatment price in Turkey. As Dent360 Dental Clinic, we provide our patients with the best root canal treatment without pain at competitive cost.

Write to us to learn our root canal treatment price in Turkey.

Is Root Canal Procedure Painful? 

Today, local anesthesia application has developed a lot with its active ingredients and additional additives. Therefore, root canal treatment with a correct local anesthesia is not a painful procedure.

We can ensure that patients undergo root canal treatment in the dental chair in a painless and comfortable way in Turkey. In the presence of infection only, mild discomfort may be felt when pressing on the tooth for a few days after root canal procedure.

There is no need for anesthesia in every root canal treatment. In cases where the tooth has already died or the tooth that has already had root canal procedure, no anesthesia is required again. Therefore, no pain occurs during the treatment.

Pain After Root Canal Procedure 

After root canal treatment, the pain in the tooth or that area is completely related to the person’s body resistance. People’s sensitivities are not the same. Therefore, while the process after root canal procedure is painless for one patient, it may be somewhat painful for another patient.

Pain is not our expectation in cases where an extra complication does not occur in the root canal treated tooth after the first 24 hours. Suppose we have created a wound site after all. Even if your hand is cut off, there will be sensitivity for the first 24 hours.

When root canal procedure is done in several sessions, there is an opening and closing of the tooth in each session. Every intervention causes a trauma to the dental tissues. Therefore, the less trauma the tooth is exposed to, the less pain will be after root canal treatment. That’s why, the healing process of dental tissues will be more comfortable.

After the root canal procedure, when the patient chews something by pressing on the tooth, there is a sensitivity due to the wound site in the first 24 hours. A simple pain reliever will suffice. Then the person will not feel any pain again.

If you have pain that does not last after the root canal treatment and lasts for 1 week and 10 days, there is a mistake. Therefore, you should immediately consult your dentist again.

Can A Root Canal Procedure Be Done Again? 

If root canal treatment is done correctly, once is sufficient. However, situations independent of the dentist may occur. Therefore, if the person does not pay enough attention to oral care, the root canal treated tooth may rot like other healthy teeth.

Because there will be a constant bacterial invasion of the tooth due to inadequate oral care of the person. Therefore, after a certain time, the root canal treated tooth will rot again.

When the bacteria passes the filling material and reaches the root, the root canal procedure will be applied again. After the tooth root is cleaned, we fill it again with filling material and close it.

Why Does My Root Canal Hurt More At Night? 

If root canal treatment is done correctly, once is sufficient. However, situations independent of the dentist may occur. Therefore, if the person does not pay enough attention to oral care, the root canal treated tooth may rot like other healthy teeth.

Because there will be a constant bacterial invasion of the tooth due to inadequate oral care of the person. Therefore, after a certain time, the root canal treated tooth will rot again.

When the bacteria passes the filling material and reaches the root, the root canal procedure will be applied again. After the tooth root is cleaned, we fill it again with filling material and close it.

How Can You Alleviate The Pain?

  • If there is any food residue inside the tooth, remove it. Because this food residue causes the pressure inside the tooth to increase.
  • Try to sleep with your head held high. This reduces the pressure inside the tooth.
  • Apply cold to the affected area. Because cold application reduce the edema in the area of ​​inflammation.
  • Take painkillers. However, check to see if there is an “anti-inflammatory” feature in the pain reliever. Because anti-inflammatory pain relievers reduce the pressure inside the tooth.

After all this, go to the dentist as soon as possible and have an emergency root canal treatment in this area. In order not to experience such pain, go to the dentist regularly every 6 months. In this way, the existing caries on the tooth can be detected and treated at the initial stage.

What Happens If You Leave An Infected Root Canal Untreated? 

If the infected root canal is not treated, tooth abscess and related serious disorders may occur. Inflammation progresses to deep tissues, causing loss of jawbone and soft dental tissues. When the tooth abscess spreads to any part of the human body, such as the head and neck, it may cause blood poisoning (Sepsis) due to mixing with the blood. If sepsis cannot be prevented, it can even cause death.

What is Tooth Abscess?

Dental abscesses are caused by bacterial infections that develop in the teeth or gums. Food acids that are not cleaned properly cause tooth decay. Therefore, with the contact of blood cells with the infected area, the infection spreads and descends to the root of the tooth.

Tooth root abscess is the most common type of abscess. It can be treated with treatments such as root canal treatment and tooth root cutting. With untreated abscesses, the infection can spread to the chin, face and neck, causing bigger problems.

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