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Which treatments are applied in Dent360 Pedodontics Clinic?

It is a branch of dentistry that specializes in the care of children’s teeth. Specialist dentists who have specialist certificates and diplomas in Pedodontics with a Pedagogical Formation are working in this clinic.

Pedodontics Clinic offers the following treatment services and more to its little patients:

Baby tooth extraction, composite filling for children, root canal treatment for children, Fissure Covering, Local Flour Application, Prefabricated Crowns, Place Holder Application, Child Prosthesis, Amputation, Pediatric Strip Crown, Compomer Filling, Open Apex Dental root canal application.


Let us plan your braces treatment together in Turkey.

Dent360 has a health tourism certificate given to major hospitals and clinics with international validity by the Ministry of Health. Do not miss the chance to get your teeth treated in turkey . Our team of 217 people is with you throughout the whole process to ensure that your treatment is smooth and comfortable.
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Dent360 dental hospital is one of the largest private dental hospitals in Turkey. A total of 58 examination rooms and 47 physicians serve in our clinic. Numerous production processes such as prosthetic teeth are carried out in our hospital. We are one of the few hospitals where all of them are under the same roof. In this way, your treatment time in Turkey is shortened and completed in a more professional way. Of course, this advantage is reflected in the prices we offer you in a more affordable way.

Our branch doctors

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Dr. Hüseyin AŞCI

Hüseyin AŞCI

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I think it’s the biggest teeth clinic in Beylikdüzü. 3-4 floor, all the floors are full. We took our child, They approached us in a very kind and caring way. I recommend this clinic for children.


Sabahattin Büyükbayrak


All the staff, especially Ms.Çağla and Ms.Nisa, are always good-humored, kind and very polite. When the topic is about teeth, people tend to be picky, but I am glad I made the right choice.


Mel Mel

Dental surgery

Dr.eren extracted my wisdom teeth. He was very meticulous and very attentive to his job. He helped me overcome my fears. I am really grateful with the result.
A clinic that gives importance about dental health.
I highly recommend it.


Atakan DEMİR

Zirconium crown

I have been undergoing dental treatment for about 1 year. I would like to thank all dent360 physicians and their staff, especially Ms.Tugce, the dentist, who was always with me with her interest and knowledge in this process, and the kind lady Çağla who helped me with my appointments and reception.


Mutluluk Akademisi

Teeth whitening

I did a teeth cleaning and also teeth whitening with dr.ismail eren Karataş. During the procedures, the dentist was very meticulous and very attentive to his job, as well as all the staff were smiling and competent. I was very pleased with the result. It is a clinic that gives importance to dental health first. I highly recommend it.


Kvsr dd

Porcelain crown

I went to have porcelain veneer teeth due to the crookedness of my teeth, but after doctor İlker examination, I changed my mind. After the doctor’s professionalism and patient explanation, I learned that the best treatment for my teeth is orthodontic treatment. I started orthodontic treatment with clear aligners. I am very glad, It went well, I am glad that I met doctor İlker.


Sadiman Koc

Dental surgery

I met dr.Eren through the very difficult tooth pain that I had. If even I, who is afraid to sit in the dentist’s chair, did not feel pain, you can safely do it without worrying. Thank you for your sincere approach, reassuring attitude, and huge patience.


Pediatric dentistry (pedodontics) Turkey

2-3 days for your first treatment, 7-10 days for your second treatment.

Prices of pediatric dentistry (pedodontics) in Turkey

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What is Pedodontics?

Pedodontics is the dentistry branch that makes all kinds of treatments and preventive applications for the treatment of milk and permanent teeth of children aged between 0-12 years. This clinic makes also preventive applications against the oral and dental problems of children and the most important subject in Pedodontics is familiarizing the children with the examinations. In recent years, it has been observed in research about dental decay that in the age range (2-6) and in the period between the ages (7-12) there is 90% of dental decays. For this reason, it is important for the child’s future oral and dental health to take measures to protect the general health of child via the preventive dentistry.

Pediatric Dentistry in Turkey İstanbul

Pediatric dentistry is one of the branches of dental science that we provide service in Turkey, İstanbul which includes the development of deciduous and permanent teeth of children aged 0-14, as well as the treatment of caries, trauma or hereditary problems in these teeth. In addition, we follow not only the dental problems of children in Turkey, but also their jaw and facial development.

Today, the age of caries in children has decreased to a very young age. In this way, we are able to prevent serious disorders that may occur in the teeth and jaw in the future, thanks to our pediatric dentistry department in Turkey, İstanbul with early, preventive and preserver treatments.

Pediatric Dentist in Turkey 

Pediatric dentist; He is a physician who deals with the oral and dental health of all individuals starting with the pregnancy process and after birth until the baby, child and permanent dentition period (0-14 years). They are experts in behavior management on pediatric patients. The pedodontist knows how to approach a 3-year-old and an 8-year-old in different ways. They are specialist dentists who know how to do dental treatment by understanding the different moods of children and teaching them to the child.

As Dent360 Dental Clinic Turkey, with specialist pediatric dentist Dr. İlker TOPCU, we are able to provide highly successful treatment results in the field of pediatric dentistry in İstanbul, Turkey.

Dental Treatment with General Anesthesia and Sedation in Children in Pediatric Dentistry in Turkey 

General anesthesia; It is a type of anesthesia performed through the vein or through the lungs so that the surgical procedure can be performed and the patient does not feel any pain. If sedation; It is an anesthesia method that we use to provide the patient to relax and calm down by creating a drowsiness.

Sedation has many advantages over general anesthesia. The biggest advantage is that one or more drugs are used. In this way the possibility of side effects is very low. Another important advantage is; The patient wakes up in a very short time, goes home and can eat in a short time.

When we are going to apply general anesthesia in pediatric dentistry treatments in Turkey, İstanbul we want 6 hours of hunger and thirst before the procedure. For sedation application; According to age, we want hunger and thirst for 4 or 5 hours before the procedure.

Every child is special and reacts differently to dental treatments. Therefore, we decide on a child’s treatment plan according to the child’s age, compliance with the treatment, and most importantly, oral and dental health. Some children cannot comply with the treatment due to a bad memory in the past, bad stories from their family or friends, and a doctor phobia that develops for any reason. Therefore, we first apply special behavior management techniques in such children.

However, we cannot get the result we want from every child. We can decide on general anesthesia or sedation, especially if the child has complaints such as pain and infection that will create an emergency, and if the child cannot comply with the treatment. We use general anesthesia or sedation in the treatments of our disabled children, children with special systemic health problems or very young children.

Protective Practices Preventing Tooth Decay in Pediatric Dentistry in Turkey 

In pediatric dentistry in Turkey, İstanbul, we make some preventive practices related to dental care before tooth decay. These are Fluoride and Fissure sealant applications. With these treatments, we protect milk teeth and prevent premature milk tooth loss.

What is Fluoride Application in Pediatric Dentistry in Turkey? How Do We Apply?

Fluorine varnish application is an extremely protective application that prevents the formation of new caries that should be done in clinics and can also stop the caries that have started. However, care should be taken to make it in the right places and in the right proportions.

In addition to the form used at home, fluoride is also available in professional forms used by dentists. These can be in the form of gel, varnish or foam, which differ according to the age group of the child and the preference of the physician.

We prefer it for very young children, initial bottle caries or children who can’t control spitting, and in pediatric dentistry problems in disabled individuals in Turkey, İstanbul.

How Do We Apply?

The pediatric dentist (pedodontist) applies the varnish in a thin layer on the teeth with the help of a brush. Then the varnish dries immediately from the moment it comes into contact with saliva. However, since it will form a film layer on the teeth, children should be fed with soft foods within the first 3 hours in order not to spoil this layer. We also recommend not brushing your teeth that day. For older children and adults, we use fluoride gels, foams or creams.

Fluoride gels contain acidified phosphate fluoride or sodium fluoride. However, since it contains fluoride in high concentration, it should be used in a controlled manner and must be applied by a physician. In addition, the maximum benefit is achieved in this type of fluoride applications where the concentration is very high. It provides a 6-month protection after application.

Therefore, it should be done regularly every 6 months for the protection and continuation of the effectiveness. As a result of a single application, not much effect is seen.

Of course, patients should know that fluoride gels are not miraculous. It should not be forgotten that it can be more effective with regular tooth brushing and a diet away from sugary snacks.

Fissure Sealant Applications in Pediatric Dentistry in Turkey

Fissure sealants become very important in pediatric dentistry problems in Turkey from the moment permanent teeth begin to erupt and appear in the mouth. Because when the teeth come to the mouth, their pits and knolls are very prominent. Therefore, it is extremely easy for food to accumulate here and for micro-organisms to create a place for them to stay. Fissure sealing tooth polish is also known as protective polish.

Therefore, tooth polish is an application we made to smooth out the recesses and protrusions of that period. We do not change the structure of the tooth, we only cover the tooth with a layer. In this way, food does not accumulate in those pits, micro-organisms do not stay and rot does not occur.

The important thing is to make sure that the polishes are in place during these processes. If fissure sealant has been made, if possible, it is necessary to go to the dentist every 6 months to make sure that they are in place.

Fissure sealant is a valuable application when it is made without tooth decay. For this reason, it is extremely important that patients come to Dent360 Dental Centre Turkey during these periods and have a doctor check-up, considering the permanent molars who will come at the age of 6 and the permanent molars who will be at the age of 12.

What is the Difference Between Fissure Applications and Fluorine Applications?

The difference between fissure sealant applications and fluorine applications; It is a one-time application on only few areas of fissure sealant applications. Fissure sealant applications remain on the tooth surface until the tooth falls out, while fluoride applications are applications that should be repeated every 6 months.

When Should Children Have Their First Dentist Visit in Pediatric Dentistry? 

We recommend that all children aged 2.5-3 years who have removed 20 primary teeth should see our pedodontist for the pre-determination of the problems of our pediatric patients in pediatric dentistry in Turkey and for preventive medicine. Preventive medicine is the most valuable and least costly medicine that will eliminate many problems that will arise in the future.

For this reason, it is extremely important for children to meet with a pedodontist (pediatric dentist) as a meeting session with the physician, just like a play environment, when there is no pain or cavities in their teeth. In this way, trust in the doctor increases and fear decreases.

Children feel comfortable with people they trust. When the child is hurt, in pain, and goes to an unfamiliar environment, when a stranger is put in the dentist’s chair, it will not be possible to restrain that child there. However, if our child has already met the dentist at the age of 3, has been in that environment before, and knows the pictures and toys on the wall, he will be able to behave in an extremely stress-free and comfortable even if he has pain. That’s why the first inspection is so important.

What Parents Should Avoid

Physicians want to make the first examination painlessly and without any procedure so that they can remove the prejudices and fears in our child’s mind. Therefore, families have another responsibility here. Unfortunately, when families want to get their children to do something, they scare them with needles, dentists, doctors or something else. However, families should definitely avoid such behaviors. They should not place such fears in their children’s minds.

Because children who are stress-free and comfortable have a high chance of being treated in a dental chair without any problems. However, there may be certain difficulties in the treatment of children who come with fear. The first examination and acquaintance are extremely important for such reasons. The ideal is to introduce children to the dentist from the age of 3 without any problems in their teeth.

Write us for pediatric dentistry in Turkey and learn more!

How to Teach Children Tooth Brushing?

Children like to imitate what is done rather than doing what is said. Therefore, if families want to instill some habits in their children; such as reading a book, brushing teeth, they should first do these things themselves. In this way, children may be inclined to do it on their own by observing and being enthusiastic about these behaviors they see from their parents.

Families should be role models for their children. Parents who do not have a habit of brushing teeth should try to guide their children to brush their teeth as much as they want, buy as many good brushes and pastes as they want, it will be difficult for them to reach the desired result without being a role model for their children. Therefore, what we want is for families to set an example for their children. In addition, it is the families’ support of the children during tooth brushing until the children’s 7-8 years old hand motor coordination is well developed.

In some cases, families themselves can brush their children’s teeth. Of course, it will be extremely fun and beneficial for families to brush their teeth with their children.

We do not recommend the use of paste in children aged 0-3. Because children can swallow these pastes. The spit reflex in children develops at the age of 4 years and later.

The main goal here is to ensure that the child gains the habit of brushing teeth thoroughly. Otherwise, children cannot clean their mouths at the maximum level anyway. Therefore, it is very important for families to participate in brushing and sometimes to do the application themselves. Families should persistently brush their children’s teeth until the age of 7-8 and encourage their children as role models.

Importance of Nutrition in Children’s Dental Health 

Nutrition is a very important factor in child dental health. In addition, nutrition is an area that needs attention at least as much as brushing and sometimes more than brushing. Sometimes in Turkey, we can encounter such situations in pediatric dentistry cases. The family complains that their child does not brush their teeth at all. But when the child’s teeth are examined, no cavities are seen. This shows us how important proper nutrition is.

Therefore, if children stay away from caries-causing foods, do not eat them, and drink plenty of water, the probability of encountering dental caries decreases. However, tooth decay is very common in children due to sugary, chocolate and carbohydrate-heavy foods that are eaten a lot. Either care should be taken to consume these foods very little or if such foods are consumed, they should not be allowed to stay in the mouth for a long time and the teeth should be cleaned by brushing immediately.

What Should Families Do About Nutrition?

Banning certain foods to children is not the right approach. It can also create more traumatic situations. Moreover, it can cause an increased craving for these foods. Instead of banning sugary and carbohydrate foods here, families should encourage their children to consume less such foods and to brush their teeth well after consuming them.

If such foods are to be eaten, they should be eaten at home as much as possible. Because children can brush their teeth quickly at home. In thisway, the waiting time of the food in the mouth is reduced to a minimum.

The most important issues in dental caries; what is eaten, how long the food stays in the mouth, and when it is brushed. One of the most common problems families face with their children is keeping food in the mouth. However, some children, unfortunately, cause their mothers a lot of pain when it comes to eating. The insistence of the child not to eat causes the mothers to force the child, and here a stubbornness with the children arises. As a result of this stubbornness, children usually win.

Therefore, the waiting time for food in the mouth of children increases. Families often do not even realize that the child is holding bread or other food in their mouth. Therefore, food left in the mouth for hours also causes cavities in children. Families should be sufficiently aware of all these issues and should guide their children correctly about their eating habits.

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