Oral and dental health is directly related to nutrition. For this reason, to review the diet; prevents tooth and gum diseases. One of the foods that may be harmful for dental health; Factors such as sugary foods, acidic foods, foods that have the ability to stick to teeth, cigarette consumption negatively affect dental and gum health.

What is the recommended diet for maintaining dental health?

Acidic foods such as sugary, sticky, cola should not be consumed. In cases where teeth cannot be brushed, foods such as apples and carrots that will massage the gums should be consumed. In cases where it is not possible to brush the teeth, the mouth should be rinsed with clean water. After consuming sugary foods, it is necessary to consume decay preventive foods such as cheese.

Has the incidence of dental caries increased due to diet?

In developing countries, the risk of tooth decay has increased. The reason for this is the change in eating habits. Fast food habits, increased consumption of coffee and cigarettes, irregular diet and stress factors lead to an increase in dental caries. However, with the increase in the ready-made food industry, the consumption of softer and less nutritious foods also leads to an increase in tooth decay. Frequent consumption of biscuits, chocolate, cola or other junk foods allows bacteria to multiply in the mouth more quickly. The consumption of calcium-containing milk and dairy products is also reduced by the ready-made food industry; causes the proliferation of gum diseases.

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