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Zirconia crown is a tooth and gum friendly material that provides better results technologically and visually in dental treatments applied in recent years. In recent years, zirconium teeth is preferred in prostheses and porcelain infrastructure due to its white colour, transparent and light transmission properties. As Dent360 Clinic, we frequently apply zirconia crowns in Turkey. We can make zirconia crown, which we frequently use as the infrastructure of dental implants at a very affordable price in Turkey compared to Europe and UK.

Zirconium crown is a substructure material that is compatible with the tissues, does not cause discoloration on the gums, and allows the tooth’s aesthetic appearance to be more easily achieved.

What Is Zirconia Crown?

Zirconium; is a substructure material that does not have metal support, has a white colour and light transmittance, and can provide a high-level aesthetic appearance. In recent years, zirconium-supported porcelains have started to be used more as an alternative to metal-supported porcelains.

That is because; Zirconium’s white colour is due to its ability to provide the closest appearance to the natural tooth aesthetically and be more compatible with the body’s tissues.  It is a treatment applied by abrading all around the teeth. This erosion may increase or decrease depending on the condition of the tooth to be plated. Zirconia crown can be applied to the front teeth, but it is more frequently applied to the posterior teeth.

Laminate veneers is more preferred for anterior teeth than zirconia crowns in cases that do not require much abrasion in the anterior teeth and in those who have more aesthetic concerns in their anterior teeth. However, the advantages of zirconia crowns are many compared to other treatments.

Zirconium substructure is more preferred for posterior teeth because of its very robust and extraordinarily high fracture resistance.

Why Is Zirconia Crown Preferred , And What Are Its Advantages? 

Zirconium does not cause gingival discoloration in areas where the coating meets the gum due to the absence of metal.
Zirconia crown is a material with high biological compatibility to the body. Zirconium can be used in the mouth for many years in a very harmonious manner with tissues such as the area where it joins with the gums, cheeks, lips, and tongue.
Zirconium teeth are more robust than other metal-free crowns. It is a material with very high fracture resistance. As aesthetic features come to the fore, some compromises are made regarding the durability of the materials used. However, zirconium teeth provide significant advantages with their durability in chewing pressures and cross forces, especially in clenching and grinding cases.
  • Zirconium tooth is semi-transparent and can pass light.
  • In zirconium crowns, less abrasion can be made from teeth than metal-supported porcelains. That is because; there is no metal in the sub-structure of zirconium coating. In this way, teeth can be prepared with less abrasion by saving metal thickness.
  • In veneer teeth, it is desired that the tooth appears to come out naturally from the gum. Since zirconium veneers’ edges are thinner, porcelain transition is provided very quickly without disturbing the gum.
  • Since zirconium teeth are produced in a computer environment with Cad-Cam technology, they are applied to the cut tooth without error. Since the space between the crown and the tooth is well closed, the risk of decay of the zirconium crowned tooth is eliminated.
  • Allergic reactions are never seen in zirconium-based teeth.

Extremely aesthetic results can be obtained with metal-supported porcelain. Only metal-supported porcelains are metal-coloured, and their edges are 0.2 mm thicker than zirconium. For this reason, zirconium veneers can be preferred more in implant applications or aesthetic works to be performed on the anterior regions.

How Is Zirconia Crowns Made in Turkey? 

Zirconia Crown, a road map of treatment planning, is drawn by referring to detailed intra-oral examination and panoramic x-ray imaging before the zirconium crown treatment. Before zirconia crown are made, the tooth and gum structure must be healthy. It is impossible to talk about a healthy and long-lasting dental treatment for a mouth without a healthy tooth and gum structure. If there are caries in the teeth and there are inflammations in the teeth’s roots, these problems should be treated first.

In the first session of zirconium dental treatment, the colour, the number of teeth, and form are determined by analyzing the patient’s expectations with photo shoots to capture the correct, natural teeth and smile. Zirconium substructure and upper porcelains are prepared by technicians in the laboratory environment with computer-aided programs in determining sizes, colours, and forms.

When the treatment phase is started, the teeth are cut worldwide for zirconium infrastructure under local anesthesia and reduced to the desired dimensions. After the teeth are reduced, patients spend this time with their temporary teeth, which are the same size as real zirconium teeth, for a few days until the treatment is completed. After a few sessions of rehearsals, zirconium veneered teeth prepared by taking the ideas of the patients are glued together with the last session, and the treatment is completed, and aesthetic, and natural-looking teeth are achieved.

In Which Case Can Zirconium Crowns Be Applied in Turkey? 

  • In the restoration of the teeth of people who have experienced too much tooth loss.
  • Implant applications of anterior tooth groups.
  • In the treatment of fillers whose structures have lost their function.
  • Bridges or crowns on the back teeth.
  • In single tooth fractures and decays.
  • When orthodontic treatment option is not preferred for split and perplexed teeth.
  • In advanced colour loss where teeth whitening treatments do not give results,
  • For those who want to have a smile design for an aesthetic smile.

FAQ About Zirconia Crowns 

How Many Days Zirconia Crown Treatment Take in Turkey?

Zirconia crowns treatment is a treatment completed within an average of 1 week in Turkey. The whole treatment process can be completed in 4 sessions.

How Long Do Zirconium Crowns Last?

The average life span of zirconium crown is around ten years. In regular checks and attention to oral hygiene, this period can be up to 20-25 years.

Porcealain Teeth or Zirconium?

The upper structure of zirconium is porcelain. Porcelains are used as superstructures in all veneers. Zirconium crowns are made by adding porcelain on zircon, which is white-coloured, light-transmitting in our clinic located İstanbul Turkey. It has many advantages over metal-supported porcelains.

How Should Zirconium Post-Teeth Nutrition Be?

Patients should not eat anything for the first 3 hours after the zirconium crowns and porcelains are permanently bonded. It will be enough to cut food and eat slowly for the first day.

Can Zirconia Crown Be Applied In The Treatment Of Crooked Teeth?

Zirconia crown are also popularly used in the treatment of crooked teeth in Turkey. In cases where orthodontic treatment is not preferred, porcelain teeth with zirconium substructure are applied.

Will There Be Pain or Pain When Applying Zirconium?

In zirconium dental treatment, no pain or ache is felt because the teeth are abraded and cut under local anesthesia.

Who Can Get Zirconia Crowns?

Zirconium crown can be applied to anyone who has enough abutment teeth or meets implant surgery requirements.

Is Zirconia Crown Applied To A Single Tooth?

In cases of discoloration, breakage or decay, zirconia crown can be applied to a single tooth and teeth in the same colour and tone as other natural teeth can be made.

How To Care For Zirconium Tooth?

The maintenance of zirconium porcelains is not different from that of normal teeth. Likewise, we should brush our zirconium teeth, use dental floss.

Zirconium Is Better Or An Implant?

Both treatments are applied for different purposes. The implant is used in missing teeth, and zirconium or metal-supported porcelains are coated on the implant and teeth are formed. Zirconium teeth are applied by cutting the existing tooth and reducing it.

Does Zirconium Smell In The Mouth?

Properly made zirconia crown does not cause any odour if the teeth are taken care of for oral hygiene and care.

Zirconium Veneer Is Better Or Lumineers?

Lumineers are the aesthetically preferred treatment method for the anterior teeth with less abrasion. It is not a solid material like zirconium. Zirconium crowns are mostly chosen for posterior teeth due to their durability and aesthetic appearance. It is frequently used on anterior teeth in bridges and over implants.

Does The Color Of The Zirconium Teeth Change?

If oral hygiene is taken into consideration, and dental checks are made every six months, the zirconium tooth’s colour will not change due to smoking or any other reason.

Can You Be Allergic To Zirconia Crowns?

Zirconium materials used in dentistry and medicine are in medical textiles, and there is no harm to health. Zirconium-based porcelains can be easily preferred instead of metal-supported porcelains for people who are allergic to metal.

How To Remove Zirconium Crown?

The zirconium crown that needs to be removed for any reason can be cut with special burs and removed without damaging the natural tooth.

Can Teeth Decay After Zirconia Crown?

Zirconium teeth are bonded with a unique adhesive. Another feature of this adhesive material is that it prevents the formation of caries from inside. If the edge alignment of porcelain teeth with your teeth is provided very well and if oral hygiene is taken into consideration, there is no problem of tooth decay after zirconia crown.

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